Game On

March, 2020

As the technical lead and frontend and backend developer of this exhibition, I worked on multiple applications that combined fun games and interactions to create an immersive experience for the user. The exhibition included various interactive features, such as the Touch Station for onboarding and avatar creation, You Make The Rules with wall and floor projections, Pressure Cooker with three wall projections and sensors for ball detection, and Internet of Sports with wall projections and various sports interactions.

Other interactives included Classic Catch with a slow-motion camera and Reaction Timer with a Flipdos panel wall and physical buttons. To support these applications, we also developed an Electron boilerplate app as the foundation, a CMS with WebSockets to update app content and configuration in real-time, a Node server, and a custom CD/CI pipeline with GitHub webhooks. Additionally, we created an App Updater Manager to ensure all apps were up to date.

Due to the number of applications and shared assets between them, I created a library of core assets and features to support their development and configuration. One of the most challenging aspects of the design of these assets was the inconsistency in colors on screens and projections. To address this, we had to create a system to adjust the colors of the assets in real-time. The solution I implemented was a shader that would individually replace the colors of the assets for different applications. As the style of the exhibition was minimalist and used few colors, we chose to map the assets with the following colors: red, green, blue, black, and white. With this approach, we were able to calibrate the colors at the exhibition and achieve the intended visual effect.

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