Game On

March, 2020

In this exhibition we combined a lot of fun games and interactions, where the user could create its own avatar, save it with a NFC wrist band and be part of the following interactives:

Touch Station

Touchscreen onborading application for Avatar creation.

You Make The Rules

Wall and floor projection, Lidar for wall touch and Tiles placemens.

Pressure Cooker

Three wall projections with Lidars sensor and proximity sensors in hoop to detect ball hit or pass through.

Internet of Sports

Wall projection, Lidar for wall touch, proximity sensor for hoops.

Interactives: Basketball, Football, Hand Cycling, Horse Racing, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Surfing.

Classic Catch

Slow motion camera, Video generation of user's cricket ball catch and a 4K grid with last 76 videos recorded.

Reaction Timer

Flipdos panel wall with physical buttons.

On the backend side we develop:

  • Electron boilerplate app as foundations to all interactive apps
  • CMS with websockets to update apps content and configuration in realtime
  • Node Server
  • Custom CD/CI with Github webhooks
  • App Updater Manager

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