December, 2020

The Edit Line interactive tool enables users to curate their own custom video sequences from a library of short clips featuring iconic moments from popular films and TV shows. With a simple and intuitive user interface, users can select and arrange the clips in any order they like, creating a unique and personalized video that reflects their individual taste and style.

Each clip is represented by a physical video tape that has a nfc tag within, where the tool has 32 slots in sequence to place the tape.

Key technical specifications:

  • Four 1080p screens arranged horizontally to provide a panoramic and immersive view of the custom video sequence.
  • 32 NFC readers that allow users to scan and place up to 32 physical video tapes with embedded NFC tags, enabling them to select and arrange their preferred sequence of clips.
  • A total of 128 NFC tags that can be used to identify and link each video clip to its corresponding title and position in the sequence.
  • A content management system (CMS) that provides a centralized database or server for storing and organizing the video clips and their associated titles. The CMS also enables users to search and filter the available clips, and preview them before adding them to their custom video sequence.
  • User can save the current state of the video sequence using The Lens

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