Game On

In this exhibition we combined a lot of fun games and interactions, where the user could create its own avatar, save it with a NFC wrist band and be part of the following interactives:

You Make The Rules

Wall and floor projection, Lidar for wall touch and Tiles placemens.

Image 5 for Game On

Pressure Cooker

Three wall projections with Lidars sensor and proximity sensors in hoop to detect ball hit or pass through.

Image 2 for Game On

Internet of Sports

Wall projection, Lidar for wall touch, proximity sensor for hoops.

Interactives: Basketball, Football, Hand Cycling, Horse Racing, Netball, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Surfing.

Image 3 for Game On Image 4 for Game On

Touch Station

Onborading app for Avatar creation.

Image 1 for Game On

Classic Catch

Slow motion camera, Video generation of user's cricket ball catch and a 4K grid with last 76 videos recorded.

Reaction Timer

Flipdos panel wall with physical buttons.

On the backend side we develop:

  • Electron boilerplate app as foundations to all interactive apps
  • CMS with websockets to update apps content and configuration in realtime
  • Node Server
  • Custom CD/CI with Github webhooks
  • App Updater Manager

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