Australian Music Vault

Australian Music Vault is an immersive exhibition showcasing Australian music, innovative digital participatory experiences and iconic objects from our Australian Performing Arts Collection.

I was responsible for all LED mappings inside the exhibition and creation of a tool to generate artnet messages to be send every frame to 38 different controllers from the server (at 60fps).

The walls at the center of the exhibition has together 12672 leds.

Also participate on other 2 applications created in this exhibition to show information about items of the Australian Music Vault collection.

Animations for the LED exoskeletal structure was done by HYPER REELIST


Image 1 for Australian Music VaultImage 2 for Australian Music VaultImage 3 for Australian Music VaultImage 4 for Australian Music VaultImage 5 for Australian Music Vault
November, 2017
Role: Frontend DeveloperBackend Developer

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